January 01, 2010

brand new start
first of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR!
how was your countdown celebration?? i spent mine with my sis and 'Joshua's fan club'. incase you dont know my sister is the president of his fan club. full-time-willing-to-die for Joshua job hahahaha. in the end all the members got cock up events that cock them up with the countdown show so NONE came. my sis had to call all the friends and siblings who are willing to come.

since ive got no plans, supposedly counting down at pierre's house. last minute dont know why cancel also and therefore i decided to go vivo city and join them. as you know im not a 'FAN' person and neither am i someone who love crowdsss. thats why ive never been to clubs before. but i really wanna try someday. dont laugh. lau niang virgin. hahahahaha. anyway, we queue for 5hours before the performance finally start! yet everything is worthwhile. we get to stand in the first row. just right below the stage and got to see soo many celebrities! i hope you didnt see me on tv.all the girls are chio and all the guys are so shuai! we were yelling at the top of our voices. itchy throat now. serve me right i know. but it was really FUN. especially when you shout so loud that you idol turn and smile at you. ohhh. your heart can melt.. btw now i realize, you need to have good complexion(dont count those unpopular ones), you need to be skinny! (all of them look so skinnier in real life) but but but.. you dont need to have big breast to be celebrity! that is one thing i agree with so much! all the ah jiesss. chio bu ones all no breast yet so gorgeous can?!!!
who dont agree with me? go and die lor :P

before i forget. went to catch 'olddogs' this afternoon with baby. not forgetting to thank my precious patient darling for accompanying me to go to the polyclinic. it was his first visit to a polyclinic. you cant believe, me too. love you tons hunnybunny!

okay. time check 3.30AM
time to catch some beauty sleep. goodnight.