January 23, 2010

in a blink

its been a week. omg. i cant believe im neglecting this precious space of mine. and of cause people who come in every now and then to check if i update. im very sorry.

been a hectic week for me. the numbers of photos are mutiplying so quickly everyday that makes me dont feel like uploading anymore. as you know it takes time. and 200photos can takes more than 5hours sometimes. this is how crazy girls can be. hours staring infront of the laptop uploading photos. pure lazy now. wait till all the photos are up on facebook.

last week i worked consecutive 5days straight from last friday till tuesday. the weekdays schedule was a very last minute thing. who dont want to go work when he/she got nothing to do and theres money waiting... and so, my sleep time was cut off more than half everyday. the same exact thing gonna happen for the next week. holycrap. weekends in orchard, weekdays in serangoon. call me a super woman!
to michelle: if you are reading this. im so sorry i had to postpone our date again and again. but these couple of weeks my schedule are really pack and cny is coming soon and therefore i have to stay home and do some spring cleaning. so sorry about it. i will make up for you k. anything can send me message in facebook yeah ;)

school had been GOOD i should say. except for casestudy. all the other modules seems to be quite exciting and enjoyable for me. especially food and beverage management. charlieangles seems to be more close than ever? haha. five of us finally went out together last friday for a show.(photos are already up in facebook) 'hear me' if im not wrong. the starting was boring to the max. all of us almost fell asleep. ending was a lil touching. yeah, i cried in the cinema. how embarrassing.

got to meetup with gfs for dinner and movie few days ago too. (photos up too) 'toothfairy' is a VERY nice show! laugh nonstop in the cinema. if only fairytales like that can happen in real life. how great. i want some glitter powder to be pour over me and so i can forget part of the past. and i wanna become tiny and climb into people house! hehehe. *evil smile*

everyweek putting aside oneday for my baby is a MUST. unless our time really cant match. been postponing many activities with baby due to school/work overload too. though these two weeks hasnt been a good one for the both of us. fights/quarrels etc. i still love you very much. from joy to tears to every little things you do. i still wanna grow old with you. i dont believe in forever. but i trust my feeling. im sure febuary gonna be better for us! and thankyou for the hellokitty and chocolates! love you a million.

not forgetting my bestfriend. went shopping for her chinese new year clothes the other day. she got a pretty nice dress from 313. whooo. soupspoon for dinner(excuse me. where are the photos?)and couple date when? i want to go to the restaurant i show you that day!!! the one very nice one. remember????

last but not least. i went powerhouse yesterday night. yeah. first club. ever. fun like anything. my fun excludes all those perverts caucasians + drunkards. i didnt even drink a sip and im higher than anyone. im definitely going the second time but im not a clubber -_- and i wont go there so frequetly K. all my friends were right. they all say i will like clubbing and i will start dancing when i hear all those music. when i was so sure that i wont .but i failed. i enjoyed every bit except my tummy giving me torture last night. thanks scott and daryl for protecting us! you both man man! sorry if you guys didnt had fun because GIRLS ARE SO TROUBLESOME. hehehe.

this whole month of tiredness gonna be pay off. bintan trip on 10th febuary with siblings. i love my FAMILY :D

pray that i wont die so early.

with lots of love;