January 11, 2010

this moment is perfect

sorry for the lack of updates. three post in a day. song bo? xoxo.
i wanted to blog about my genting trip many days ago but i was waiting for creature to upload them into fb first before i could copy and upload here.
after she upload everything my laptop broke down. stupid charger hole make me so angry! okay, maybe its not the laptop fault because its freaking old already.
decided to send for repair in the first place but i think its not worth plus i so wanna get a netbook.
finally got it. im typing now with it. its a pink aspireone acer netbook. very chio!!! im stil not use to it but definitely soon. all thanks to baby for paying half for my netbook! and sorry bout the attitude the other day. i just tends to lose control at times. lol. XIEXIE NI FEIFEI. and now i even got myself a white/pink mouse to match my lappy. sucha a bimbo i know.
by the way, ive straighten back my hair. think most of you know as ive posted photos on fb already. everyone was like:"like that prettier ma'. dotssssssssss. i should stop spending so much money on my hair and start saving up for... for... for... for what huh? for nothing. so dont need to save!!!!! :P
school offically starts today again.one week of break is definitely not enough. looking at my F&B management lecturer makes me wanna faint. seriously he look like an idiot with his half slang english. school can never be fun without my classmates(:
got back my olevel english result. d7. much better than an e8 i supposed. blame it on my 'too much singlish'. hahaha. but who cares? its over. its just pure luck. i just didnt have that kind of fate. so now, WORK? RP? or continue with my mdis DEGREE? anyway, im graduating from my diploma this april!!!(if nothing goes wrong) some may say i siao, spend so much money on private diploma stil want go back poly for that stupid diploma for what right?! cause MANY says singapore's poly graduates are more regconise. whatever lor. im not a study person. pay me money and i'll work for you. (not that kind of dirty work you thinking) haha.
im tired. been working for the past few days. like full shift?? its only the first day of school and i thought of skipping school tomorrow. WTH.