May 21, 2010

hello, you there?

hello ailens,
back to bloggie. bloggie sounds like a dog name lol.
ive resigned from botakjones and my days had been so relaxing! this break is the best break ever. no work no school. can you imagine? though the fact that cash at bank is running low which theres nothing i can do about it now.
monday went for facial like finally cause everyone says my face damn cui. and therefore byebye to 88bucks. tuesday stayed home for the whole day and watched my taiwan drama for the whole 15hours non stop. call me god hahaha. and that exact day i slept for 15hours TEEHEE.
yesterday was out with my mdis mates. its a pity we didnt managed to take any photos as i left my camera to rot at home. chickeeeeeeeen. it really takes forever to ask everyone out. its really difficult. everyone moving on with their life and work and me? thinking about how to get more beauty sleep and move my ass out to exercise everyday.since my cert is not here yet.
and todayy.... pedicure! my toe nail extension broke last week and it got me so much troubled as im afraid people will see my one sided broken toe nail and therefore i wear covered shoes everyday zzz. now that my nails are back in good condition, SLIPPER time!
and speaking of that, i went rubi to buy shoes today. this bunch of arrogant jc girls was talking beside me while i was trying shoes and one girl says that 'oh, i dont know why some poly students can wear slipper and shorts to school, thy have got no sense of dressing'. i was like dotdotdot. you girls are just plain jealous that you have to wear uniform everyday dont you? and how well can you dress in the first place? and the most frustrating thing is that, while they talk... they kick my slipper away. feel like giving them a slap! argggggggggggggggh. fuming! well, you know i wouldnt do that. and and and the aunty at the bubbletea shop! i wanna complain! what kind of customer service? even though aunty also must have courtesy to customer mah! whats wrong with people nowadays ah? making a fool out of themselves.
well, luckily i met wanfong and co. while i was about to head home. and yeah, all the secondary school memories were back. and my day wouldnt have been better although pierreneo says that i look like 'moxiaoling' zomg! and wanfong says like ive become skinner -.- No k. ive always been this boney lol.
gonna ton tonight to finish watching my drama. tomorrow night dinner at bestie house! gonna bring her dog out for a walk as well. i want a dog! truly does. why dont my mum gets it?!
tonight might really be a 'good' night. it takes courage to talk to someone you think is cute LOL.
till then.,.,.,.,.,.,.