June 27, 2010

life would have been easier
sorrrrrrrrrrrrrry blogger to neglect you once again. im back but theres too much happenings for me to even summarize here.
my birthday, my work-for-2-weeks-job, and my new job etc.
so as for my birthday, to cut it short. credits to my gfs and my mdis clique mates. i wouldnt have a successful bday celebration without you people. and on your birthday, you just tends to understand who really cares and bother and who dont. awwwwwwwwwwww.
as for my previous job at far east plaza,,,, no more. its a boring job and its just not an environment that i wanna stay for long so goodbye retail. and friends, im able to get my pay for that 2weeks , dont worry.
last week went for an interview at the American club and yeah , got in. most people who knows about it says that its a good job and the company has got lots of privileges. so welcome to my world American club. i hope you will be a good job and i'll love you. so after getting a full time job probably wont be coming to my blog as often as before.
will update more about my job as soon as i settle down there.
i miss my gfs and i know they miss me too.
my days have mostly been used on my sweet bf, so please understand sweeties.